The Friends

Focusing on the creek
Don McKay, President, Puslinch Township Resident
Les Schmidt, Treasurer, Wellington Stewardship Council
Dave Rodgers, Vice President, Puslinch Township Resident
Matthew Bulmer, Puslinch Township Council & Resident


Crystal Allen, Grand River Conservation Authority
Adrian Simard, Nestle Waters Canada&Puslinch Township Resident
Rob Johnson, County of Wellington Green Legacy Program
Barb McKay, Puslinch Township Resident
Robert Messier, Grand River Conservation Authority
Al Murray, Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources
Dianne Paron, Mini-Lakes Community, Puslinch Township Resident
Art Timmerman, Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources
Glenn Vanderkraak, University of Guelph
Ron VanOotegem, Dufferin Aggregates, Puslinch Township Resident
Paul Willms, City of Cambridge