Mill Creek Subwatershed


Plan Steps

Development of the Plan, including priorities followed a five-step process:

  1. Document known information (Creek Characteristics and Issues) and known opportunities (General & Specific Strategies and Tactics)
  2. Assign an initial relative importance and degree of difficulty to each Specific Strategy
  3. Summarize Key Reach Findings
  4. Assign a relative importance to each reach
  5. Develop a Prioritized List of all Strategies

To view the process in detail, follow this link: Plan Process »

Short- to medium-term plans


As exemplified by the Friends of Mill Creek Mission Statement, all areas of Mill Creek and its tributaries are worthy of efforts to maintain, rehabilitate, and exercise good stewardship of this cold-water fishery resource. However, not everything can or should be implemented at once. Resources are limited and rehabilitation is an incremental process, requiring the continual assessment of project results and modification of future activities as determined through data collection and monitoring.

In order to maximize rehabilitation efforts with limited resources, the Technical Committee recommended that Friends of Mill Creek adopt a one to five year stewardship and rehabilitation planning horizon. Generally speaking, such plans include the outstanding higher priority items, and include Strategies and Tactics that together are expected to have a cumulative, beneficial impact on the Creek.

Current Short- to Medium-Term Plan

The current Short- to Medium-Plan can be found by following this link: Current Short- to Medium-Term Plan »